Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My 1st blog here

Mmmm I decided to create a blog space for myself, got some inspiration from someone(HS), who just claimed that I did not browse through his new blog here where he has posted 4 to 6 blogs? So here I begin,a new blog despite from the friendster blog haha..
Ok, so it's few hours to bed, and I'm still struggling for my final exam,Organizational Behaviour would be the subject.
Sitting infront of the computer, I can somehow imagine what will I do for my paper, noticed that since I have enter university life, it's no more memorizing theories and calculas, but I learned something new -------> CRAPPING. Why why why, of all the good things I can learn, I actually kind of mastered the crapping skill, but it really helped me pass some of the subjects sometimes, so its not all wrong at all.
Watched the movie "CLICK" not long ago, at home of course, was a really nice one,meaningful and touching. If I ever have the remote on my palm now, know what will I do? I 'll skipped all this finals and all those stuff where I'll be nervous about it, just a blinked of an eye, woo there it goes! I passed the day without sweaty palms haha, but hey.. IT NV GONNA HAPPEN! Life is fun and meaningful when you get through things you like and also things that you don't wish to go through, it's part of life, part of learning, and it's a balance. ^^
Gonna start industrial training next Wednesday, well, I wil try to enjoy the working life for this 2 months, just make sure I won't skip Christmas and New Year Eve!! It's just 14 weeks, but come to days, it's 70 days.. Well yea, I guess it would be fun, coz I got a nice lead consultant, a really nice one, good for me to bully hahaha *evil*, ok just hope he won't be reading my blog lol..
guess I gotta stop blogging and start studying again for my finals tomorrow, wishing myself good luck, and also to my best mates, you gals hear me??!! Lil guinea pig will nedd more luck =P..


~~hopefully~~ said...

yuhuu~~~~im floating..huehue...thx for wish me le..i also wish u all da best yoo..huehue...n ciayoo oso for ur co-op, n im still the 1st 1 who gv u comment haushen 1st blog i oso the first 1..yuhu...^0^

The Room of Jester said...

Lol so ur are very proud of being the 1st who comment in my 1st blog which i just created like ,minutes ago???!!! ^___^ All the best lah guinea! Hehee

haushen said...

She always feel proud of small small things, don't bother her. Haha... so fast already create a blog wo. Not bad, not bad... I will always visit ur blog, so you must always update it oh.