Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mamak Stalls

Went to Steven corner for a garlic cheese nun, maggi goreng and soup kambing lol, you can't imagine how full was I!

Mmm this is the 2nd time I am going there, been alil outdated, last time was like few years back hahaha.. Saw this man, well dressed up, I guess he is the legendary Steven who owns and run this mamak, but what suprised me was, he was helping to clean the dirty table, it's such a rare scene that now a days, i don't see boss who will help around the bussiness, what I see most will be just sitting at the cashier or you won't see him anywhere at all haha.. Got the urge to take his picture and try to post it in my blog,but would it be weird if I ask " Hi can I take a picture of you and post it in my blog.." So, I give up the idea and thought of googling some mamak pictures and post it here to add the ambience, but here is what I got..

Just incase the words are not clear, I would type the words for what the 3 arrows meant:
1st arrow = First, get the ink flow..
2nd arrow =Paper from discarded cigarette carton
3rd arrow =Complimentary curry stain

Thank god Steven Corner don't use paper to calculate =D
Cheers people!

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