Friday, April 20, 2007

The Gastric..

I was striked by this pain call gastric after my last exam paper on Wednesday, honestly telling, the pain in me is still on going.. Posting out this blog is to remind friends of mine, please.. Beware of the gastric, it's indeed suffering..
I was awaken by this pain every 1 or 2 hours during my sleep in the midnights! I felt like vomitting, I almost cry and I know at the meantime I can't reduce my pain immediately,what I can do is to hope that I will become numb towards the pain..
Yesterday, I had only porridge and milk or cereal for the day, but still the pain won't stop! Till I seek the doctor, a placebo effect, I somehow felt better, thanks to him for insisting me to the doctor although he was dead tired after work..
Not sure when will the pain stop but I know it won't be that soon..


*hopefully* (^0^)v said...

is it cuz u eat ice cream gah??
must eat medicine , drink more warm water , it will helps alot..
take care aa...
*hug hug*

Jest said...

Hey Dang, thank you so much, I guess Im slightly better than the 1st day, sighzzz..