Monday, May 07, 2007

What life is all about..

Ever encounter such situation when you can't sleep at night, staying up thinking about how your future looks like? You fell asleep without you yourself noticing it and the next morning you wake up, you feel so blur so aimles about your life..
Seriously I been through these situations many times,since when I started this? Since the day I started to think about my future..
A message for someone:
I know you are so worried and pissed off about your grades and marks for your results, and from here you started to link the grades to your future and afraid you might not have a good one.. Sweetie, no one knows about the future, you can't tell from your grades,they are not the fortune teller, you are you ownself fortune teller, you are incharge of what your future will be like.. Some people make billions, some did things that others thought it was a miracle, since there are people earning billions and making miracles, it shows that, you can be one of them too! Ask yourself,others can do it, why not you?! Why not me?!
You said working and studies, you are making your working life as primary,not so quick,no rush,no hurry,you have plenty of time to work, you even have your whole lifetime working, but studying is just a temporaly period for you to learn more,why not equip yourself more before you even step into a battlefield?
Our future are bright, as long as we never give up on it, don't let those obstacle pull you down,think of the other side of the coin, let them be your motivation to achive better,ok?

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Anonymous said...

U r the best in my life n nvr thought myself, dat u such a nice gurl dat cares me alot..thx lot Jes.