Friday, January 18, 2008

10 things I hate about males

I watched the movie 10 things I hate about you, eventually, I came out with a post about 10 things I hate about guys, so here it goes :P

1. Hate guys who speaks loudly as if they swallow some kind of speaker in them >.<
2. Hate guys who do not have commitment in whatever they do
3. Hate guys who doesn't treat a lady as a lady
4. Hate guys who is always an attention seeker
5. Hate guys who always talk big and do nothing
6. Hate guys who talk without thinking of others
7. Hate guys who think money can buy just every damn thing
8. Hate guys who pick on looks
9. Hate guys who encourage abortion
10. Hate guys who count every cent and penny
( I have a case about this guy who demands everyone to pay him back 10cents,wtf?)

Lol found this while searching images through Google

Encounter any guys that hit one or more of the list up there? Share with me will you? Muax! =D

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SheN said...

wuhaha...I encounter...I think is the same person that we refer to.