Friday, January 18, 2008

Fatal Frame

Are there any play station fans out there, if there is, im not sure if anyone ever played Fatal Frame, now there is fatal frame 3:The Torment in the market already...

As for your information, I am very well famous for being a fan of gruesome movies, which my girlfriends often blame those gruesome happenings on me, automatically, right?!

Ok so here, to my further extend, I wanna share some frightening game with you if you are interested, which is Fatal Frame... I played this game before, never succeed in finishing the whole damn game, cause I have to admit that, it was horrifying, I mean, freaking frightening, the controller/joystick actually vibrates uncontrollably when there is ghost nearby, and on top of that, you will have to have enough courage to put on the camera to frame the spirit...

Despite of me not having the skills in explaining the game, I have some really coll trailers about the game, why don't you guys check it out?

Screen from the magic camera when U have to snap the spirit into it.

Everywhere is dark and creepy like hell

Now you see who's behind you *grin*

This is the cool camera I am talking about *wink*

Here is on of the trailer~ Enjoy~~
Fatal Frame 1


m.a.D.y said...

LOL, im an avid fan of PlayStation (as you already have known) but I hate playing horrifying games and watching horror movies... Given my extraordinary imaginative mind, i tend to imagine more and this gives me nightmares... but if you're into horror games in PS, try playing Silent Hill, and if you have PSP try playing it, it's been voted the most horrifying game on portable... haha

have fun!

Shiro said...

I bet you mute the volume and covered your eyes when you play this. Do differ me

Joel de BB said...

I agree with mady, do try to play silent hill or even alone in the dark, is more "chik cake" compare to fatal frame!

mmm...proud to say, I'm really good in playing this kind of horrifying games and killing games,haha..(I can finish one game in one day!)

I'm addicted into PS game!

m.a.D.y said...

LOL... silent hill is so scary I dun even dare to watch the trailer... and Pyramid head is just plain freaky...

BTW anyone playing Shin Megami Tensei's Persona 3??? I super like the game, i completed it sometimes ago now playing with full stats but can't seem to beat Elizabeth... omg help me