Saturday, March 15, 2008

How much

How much does it take to learn?
How many relationships does it take to be the forever one
How many more steps does it take to touch the smile of happiness
How many miles more to know where you actually stand in his heart
How much I can do to make myself believe that u are the one
How many liters more I have to shed before I tell myself to stop

U asked " What did you do for this relationship?"
I said " I cannot give you materialistic items to make you happy, I can only give you love and care that will last forever, which is now fading..."

No one's fault, no one to be blame, just that its not our fate, we both just can't take it anymore...

See the smile? It's all memories now :) Gone for good


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Anonymous said...

Anticipate when it began, enjoy while it lasts, and leave no regrets when it's gone. Nothing lasts in this life; not material nor ethereal.