Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you note

It was the sweetest b'day for me, although I wasn't celebrating on the exact day, was spending time in front of the computer instead to finish up the pile of work, ended up sleeping at 6am in the morning and class at 9.30am, oh nightmare.

But here,I am not gonna complain about the work load and stress I have been countering for this hell semester, here I wanted to thank those who gave me a sweet memory during this b'day!

First, thanks mom dad and bro for the Seiko titanium watch, and baby for the Guess watch, it was fabulous and beautiful

Following up by:
~My ji muis and heng dais 's greetings no matter through phone or msn, it was glad to know that no matter how long we lost contact, you all still remembers me!
~Thank you for the sweetheart for the own baked cake and the surprise trip to Port Dickson
~My best best ji mui Carmen for the fishy spa and the egg tarts!! It was one hell of the experience letting your feet being tickled by the fishes hahaahah!
~And the surprise presentation slide from the mass comm buddies!!!! Ahhh!!!! Thank you so much for the surprise and the song u all sang to me!
~And of course Joe, thank you for the 2 version song u sang to me through phone to wish me happy b'day!!! ahh!!!
~ thank you for those overseas greetings! Nicholas, Vincent and Soo Lid
~ and the list goes on lol

Here are some simple photo updates

The surprising last slide

The sweetest mass communication buddies, thank you for all!

The fishy spa, the fishes is so cute

My best best ji mui!! ogether at fish spa :D

Just again wanna thank you all for the loving memories, no words can actually described the exact feeling of mine , I love you all!! ^^

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