Monday, September 08, 2008


Alright, someone was complaining whenever she access to my blogspot,it's always been that old post "Girls", where she said she needed some new things to read on, my young journal superior, lol! She even started work today, I hope everything goes well with you girl, just it's a pity that I wasn't able to join in when I retreat the last minute,hah...

Ok I'm officially starting work in October at Bkt.Damansara, the company is a nice and cozy one, simple organizations with brilliant ideas from experience people, hope this will bring me my permanent job as well,sounds good? I thought so too...

Alright went to Matta fair yesterday,gosh the crowd was 'awesome', parkings are coming out of creativity, people even got their cars up the pathways,all ways of parking, just to squeeze and join in the crowd, I guess everyone needed a good holiday.

Wasn't expecting a lot from the fair, thought of just simply collecting brochures and walking around, ended up going to Chiang Mai on the 18th September,lol, wishing it will be a good trip though.

Lately,I've been doing some planning,planning for my future,have to get my spirit and feet on the go already,no more a student, but someone who is officially stepping in the working field,a friend gave me the sentence " Welcome to the reality girl..." Sounds scary?Well, I guess reality isn't always that bad, it can be pretty too, there are plenty in the reality that made our day, right? And because it is real, that's why it made our day.

Reality isn't always that bad, that's what we called it the balance?
Still appreciating small things in life, they will actually jumbled up and become a big thing,trust me on this... ;)

Beautiful weekend to everyone ok?

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