Friday, September 12, 2008


Hmmm... Just felt weird at the moment, plain moody, plenty of things going ahead, but none of them are happening yet, the fastest would be tomorrow, where she is coming back for few days from Macau!! Next will be the vacation and next my job, hehe...

Ah, just if there is any company which doesn't practice politics? People just can't help to be a politician eh? They just practice politics whenever they go, gosh... How I wish I will be working at least with one of you girls, the opportunity is open, if you are into advertising and things, please let me know, I can try to sort out a vacancy for you, they are needing people though... So... Just leave me a message ok?
From here, I am waiting for a mate's feedback,hope it's a good one Mady,muax!

Ah I am rotting at home, I am being such a pig, my skin is starting to get worse, I get tired easily, and at the end I ended up doing nothing, wasting time bleh! Just if I have a car, plenty I can do, Maggie congratulation you are getting your new born baby in white soon! Hehehe, I wish I am getting mine soon too, nowadays, without a transport, is just so difficult, stupid public transportation doesn't reach everywhere, argh!

I seriously need to kick myself up to do jut anything! Mooncake festival is around the corner,wishing everyone is celebrating with their family, Guinea have to attend an event at Puchong, never mind, when you reach home, I play candle with you ok? Hahahah! Raya is also around the corner, just that this Raya made me think of someone, hope he is really good now :)

Till then, chill everyone! The weather is darn hot *Annoyed*


joeldeBB said...
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joeldeBB said... everywhere now, in the newspaper, in Tv and of coz in the office.

this peoples just donno how to enjoy life.

I wanna keep my naive till i die, i hope i wouldn't become one of those politician in the office :(

I'm currently jobless now, your company wanna hired interns only ar? hahaha

to me, no car = no work.