Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Left 4 Dead

It’s been raining since morning, and well no joke, the rain was pouring, heavy enough to blur the sight of the road, and the saddest is, everyone is already on the road for work in such a fine weather. Well in my dictionary, fine weather means rainy and cozy weathers, not the sunny kind one, yes I know, I should be a vampire.

Latest addiction – Left 4 Dead.
Why is it when I say I do play L4D, especially the guys, and also the same response  Wah lau you play L4D one ar!!?? Unexpected loh!!
Adding in I also told them I go cyber café for the game, another response  Wah so did all the guys were shock to see girls like you playing this kind of games?!

Hello… What do you mean by girls like me? So what should ‘girls like me’ do would be best fit in the picture? Bakery? Cooking? Shopping? Make up? Pedicure? Or maybe even Barbie? No offence, I love doing the things above, and do exclude the Barbie thingy, but somehow, I also love doing the boy stuff, and I’m not alone, I got a girl partner for that too ok, our L4D team is like equal, 2 guys 2 girls, fun!

So here are some of the screens for the games, so you can get a better feel on it.

I enjoy playing with my usual mates, main thing is, we do not practice serious gaming, so everytime we'll laugh our ass out while playing, I have to admit I'm being so noob in the game that, I am the one that everyone will pay extra attention on, I'm either walking too near the zombies as I am trying to make friends with them, or might even try playing unsucccessful hide and seek with the tank that I gave up and try riding on it, or falling off stairs and even shooting own team mates that i thought it was zombie, accidently throwing flames that causes fire, and most of all, I will pick up guns and health pack when team mates die, LOL!

Dear team mates, I know I am forgiven for all these silly things, and I love you guys hahaha! XOXOXO

Whoever haven't try the game, if you do not in tend to get addicted to something, warning --> Do not try! You will definitely have the addiction for it!



m.a.D.y said...

I will pick up guns and health pack when team mates die, LOL! <---- Lol...poor justin and ME!!! lol... you missed out the walking in circles looking for more health pack to swipe part...lol

love you girl~

White Jester said...

Hahahah yea man! those are the weirdest things I would do without the real intention. :D

Justin said...

Note to do:
1. Kill Jest, take health pack.
2. Kill Jest again, take health pack again.
3. repeat step 1.

joeldeBB said...

yo! I though everyone in my list has quit blogging...no one seems to be updating the blog.

dammd I love playing horror game too! especially the killing and spooky one!

too bad, i seriously bad in using PC to play game, the screen are too small. i prefers PS game haha.

Anonymous said...

This is discrimination on girls..
haha..myself got addicted on L4D
The game was so cool cuz I love to kill zombies!!!


m.a.D.y said...

Note to self:

1. As game starts, kill Kinsing
2. At the same time (if God willing) kill Justin too
3. Swipe their health packs
4 Continue killing zombies


陈一豪 said...

Please introduce me to it as well : )