Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Uncivilized people

Was on my way to the office this morning, the weather was pretty good, all warm and shiny. Not until I witnessed this incident…

Happened to stop at a traffic light on a bridge, saw this Indian man, assuming him aging from 30- 40 years old, riding on a motorcycle, he stopped at the bridge, took off his helmet, at the same moment, took out a yellow dirty plastic bag, look right look left, followed with that stupid “Ops it wasn’t on purpose punya attitude”, happily letting go the grip of his fat hands of the plastic bag, and there and then, into the river, gotten on his blardy motorcycle, and ride off.

The moment I saw this, oh my god if ever you touch my head, it was boiling, I was seriously damn furious! How old are you man, old enough to think and old enough to understand littering like that is such a disgrace to yourself and also polluting the river lah!
This is lah Malaysian, apa pun boleh, littering also boleh!

I actually realized this happens in Malaysia, if you ever see there is a signboard with “Jangan Membuang Sampah Di Sini, Denda RM500”, there goes the spot lah, will be filled up with pile of rubbish, what the? Now people don’t understand or what? What is wrong with our education system now? Maybe someone shud try put the signage in the rubbish bin so people will throw in? Will it work that way?

Educators like parents, some are really siao loh, I’ve seen father lowering down the window to allow the children to throw rubbish out, WHAT?!

People are not being dumb for failing to understand what pollution is, it’s just plain selfishness and so call being convenient to them. If the earth dies, you suffer too, and because of all your stupid selfishness, we tend to suffer together with you.


m.a.D.y said...

love the fat earth mmmm~

Anonymous said...

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