Friday, July 31, 2009

Malaysian be punctual lah!

All this while when we called those who are late, the usual words would be "Hey ya ya I'm on my way... On my way..!"

But then the on the way seems to be a really long journey.
So I guess, Malaysians are lacking of time management.

This is so much more to be proven during wedding dinners, when the wedding invitation stated down 7pm, earliet it might start at 8pm, considering yourself lucky, because I attended one that started at 9pm+, basically it's dinner turn supper...

DiGi mms held up a contest, to allowed Malaysian like us, to express creatively on how we can improve Malaysia.

My way?
Malaysian should be more punctual!

Don't you agree?


KY said...

then what happens to Malaysian timing? especially during weddings?

yapthomas said...


well.. that's our culture lah...

kingster said...

I agreed that poor time mgmt..we have our own malaysian sorry to say that you're living under this roof. no choice

~dolly~ said...

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just wanna said..
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ok.. out of topic.. =.="
ya.. agree..
should manage the time well.. Besides the time management thingy, I think another serious matter found in Malaysia is social morality! No manners, cut queue, spitting on floor, smoking at wherever they please and so on..

Jester is my nick said...

Hahaha Malaysians will always be Malysians lah, can't change the fact...

Hey Dolly, hahah thanks for the guide, I think I need it!

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