Monday, July 06, 2009

Urbanscape 2009

Ok the very 1st warning is that, very few pictures (Have to steal some from Miao too), because I was rushing out and forgot to bring my camera!!!

Was there with Miao for Urbanscape, before reaching the destination, all I knew was rushing here and getting lost somewhere, making wrong turns and another few wrong turns...
*That cat was laughing at KL people getting lost in their territory... If you ever get lost in Malacca or Sarawak, even if I don't know how to draw I die die also will draw the LOL face for you ok Miao?*

So yea reached there, crowd was ok, but the very 1st thought of us is to get in some place where there is air-cond, cause the weather was freaking hot!

Basically there were little art everywhere, which I would call them IDEAS, plenty of cute little things you will get inspired for some creative deco, like

I kinda like this, maybe I will do one in my room when I shift to my new house, so can "pik che", which means chase ghost (direct translation)

I always have the love for this kind of miniature, which it's expensive to collect!

Wooohoooo love the caption of the tshirts, do you dare to wear it out? Like when meeting your love one's parents LOL

Don't you wish your necklace was nice like mine! Dont'cha!

Why things can be this cute? Why!!! Worst thing is that it doesn't belong to me!!!


Miao said it's good to stuff me inside, so no need to walk me around... That cat...

Whatever this is, I've no clue for what does this meant, art is always meant to be vague

The Miao with that Japanese style (camera hanging around the neck)

These are some of the stolen pictures from Miao

This is art people! ART! Accepting bra hanging out nowhere!

The stoodles reminded me of Raving Rabbits, those crazy rabbits!

Finally, the cow with the jester hat and Miao
(Why am I the cow, better ask Miao, I've no idea)

Next year Urbanscape! Must go again! But wallet must be loaded with cash too, weeheeee!!!


陈一豪 said...

I'm putting my money down that something beautiful is going to happen : )

akiraceo said...

Bluek :P

Anonymous said...

The shirts look creative!
Waiting for next urbanscape again

Huai Bin said...

I love tshirts like that. I'm not stupid enough to wear it to future gf's parents though. Hehe. >.<

OMG, I stole your emoticon again!

junl00ng said...

Hi Jester, remember me? I never knew that u're Miao's friend! I'm a big fan of his comic!!

dlt2 said...

wanted to go this year but =( bah unforseen circumstances

ven said...

nearly going but decided not to last minute.

Jester is my nick said...

Ok we shall all go next year!

chloe said...

i also wanna go...hehe

casino neteller said...

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