Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do You Invest?

I’m only in my mid 20s and I have debts to pay off, nope I don’t have a credit card yet, nope I don’t own a car yet but soon (Yes that will add in to my ‘To Pay Off Debt Before I Die’ list).
So with my current salary, like any other people, we will have to separate more than half of the amount to pay off debts, and only some to survive for a month, while you might not even have anything to save for future, horrible goodness… >.<
So we need… Side income? Definitely investment is the thing you should be looking at it now, learning since young is beneficial and trust me, you will know why.
So how do I invest? I know nuts about investing, that’s why now you see all sorts of business out there are open to tackle the needs of dummies like me, we have agents to help us invest and best it’s all online now - www.fundsupermart.com.my

Fundsupermart is a unit trust specialist, and usually we have the impression that investment is expensive, we have to hold a certain amount of money before we start to invest, but Fundsupermart offers to have investors to begin investing regularly every month with just RM10.00 ONLY!
Start investing already! You won't want to grow old with a grumpy face just because your pockets are empty... >.<

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Tekkaus said...

That low? Hmmm...but I prefer to do my own analytics and do my own investing. because at the end of the day...it is their interest that will be protected first. And not ours. :)