Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Positive & Negative

Do you think that humans are more prone to have negative thoughts?
I have a situation here :

Pal A is facing pressure from his work place, and he is giving himself pressure to achieve the innitial target, but the picture don't seems to be a happy ones,what expecting is not coming,what is not expected is affecting the initial target.
Negative thoughts:
Pressured plant the effect on pal A, gave up and continue doing nothing,hoping for miracle to fall
Positive thoughts :
Healthy pressure, in fact giving self pressure not to give up, don't sit and wait, find solutions and do his best

Negative is always easier to 'achieve', just like running down a slope,or walking down on a escalator,not even talking about stairs.
Positive is always the hard ones, you need to be strong to sustain the positive thoughts, like walking up batu caves stairs.

So which one are you? Negative or positive?
I'm definetely with the positive site,because that's what make life more challenging, and yes fun.



Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I am the positive side of course ;p
Look at the brightside, my site~!

I hope u can help him have a brighter road if he is "he" haha

DogBone said...

Kick your pal in the hind parts to get him going. Shock and awe his ass, heheh!

I really really used to love speeding downhill and hated cycling uphill as a kid. I wonder if that makes me negative? ^^

Tekkaus said...

I am optimistic. :) Pressure is needed. Pressure gives us the adrenalin to accomplish our goals faster. However your friends succumbed to it. He misunderstood the whole thing. So now he feels hopeless and waiting for miracle to happen...and miracle seldom or never happens. :/

Tekkaus said...

He should think of this "pressure" as an opportunity for him to grow.

I always believe this saying, "Adversity has its advantages." Time and again when I faced obstacles which I cannot conquer, it makes me want to challenge it and come out with the solution.

Tekkaus said...

But your pal here, should in the first place keep his composure first. Ask you pal to relax for awhile and really separate himself from his work. Ask him to look at this whole thing from a different perspective.

When he is calm enough and not emotionally too attached, he will find the solution. :)

The important thing is to try our best. And never ever give up.

And don't forget to tell your friend this: If God takes our every BLOW, when are we going to GROW?

Sometimes we need to fail in order to succeed. :)

Simon Seow said...

I always try to think positively but don't know why negative thoughts kept creeping into my mind and I have to use my will power to thing positive again. It's like a fight between Optimism and Pessimism, so which am I??

Jester said...

Tian Chad : Hahaha no match making here ahem!

Dogbone : That's you in your mean way, but i think i like it hahah

Tekkaus : I must say your students are lucky to have you as their teacher