Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19th January 2011

It's been more than half a month since the new year has begun, I should feel that it's a brand new start, and I guess I didn't manage to do it because I accidentally brought in the old stuff from last year to a new year, big mistake really...

How have I been feeling? I don't know, how could someone be at this stage for so long, way too long, tried many ways, or maybe I didn't try hard enough.

Sometimes the most simple things are the things that is the most difficult to have, I think being happy and love is quite simple, but somehow it doesn't last long, it's always been like that, they come and go, as quickly as they can, the happier you are, the faster it will be gone, how come?

How about one of the old topic, or a trending topic that have been with us since the longest time? No not talking about sex but yea the thing call love, it happens to me, they come quickly and left quickly too, don't seems to capture it for a longer time, the longest was 4 years plus and poof, there you go, it's gone.
I am easily cheered when I see the people that I care are happy, but then when I look back at myself, I don't know what went wrong, most of them just want to have some fun, well isn't it more fun and happy when you can be with someone that you really have the heart to be with? Doesn't fun originated from the feeling of happy, and doesn't happy feelings are generated when you know you can love someone who loves you back? 

I am in a totally different situation, I have a heart of steel for the longest time, I won't want to blame the previous relationships that made me into this, I don't believe in fairytale no more, I don't believe that if you love someone whole heartily, they will too, I don't believe that even if you do your best, they will appreciate.
I am just negative towards this word call love, call me a non believer, and I am not afraid to admit it.

Do you agree that the older you grow,the more you gain in life experience, and funny thing is, life experience is somewhat you need to pay, not pay by cash, you pay life experience by things which is so valuable when you're much younger, things like patience, faith, happiness, satisfactory... No?

Randomly saw this tweet on twitter which is quite meaningful.

Good morning world, it's only 4.22am and you should still be in bed...=)


Tekkaus said...

Perhaps the right one has yet to appear? God thinks you deserve someone better..that's why He made you wait. :p

bluesky said...



潛水很久,沒留言. 很少在熟悉的朋友部落格留言,因為會害羞.

2011 想來和你打個招呼。早安你好^^

yapthomas said...

THE ONE will appear...
I am more jaded now too...

EC said...


dogbone said...

I'm a lil more fond of this piece i came across recently:

"Start every new relationship with a new attitude.
Let loss have its due.
Respect what happened and still expect great things.
Enter smiling."

It takes a conscious effort to remove bricks from the wall rather than adding new ones each day, but highly rewarding. :)

Happy 2011, you!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Lovely post.
The most sincere writing comes from d heart..
I like it.
Never change for anyone. Because the way you are now is perfectly enough.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying i know what you are going through.

I'm a wee bit older than you (31) and i have gone thru the worst...(betrayal, being cheated on, left hanging, dumped after losing my job, and etc.)....

i can only can only get better from here onwards. (or so ppl have told me)

it might take a while. but its up to YOU to make it better.

You need to know that it's OK. You are alright. You are fine. And that there are ppl out there who care about you. you just have to look around.

if ppl don't appreciate you for who you are, maybe they don't deserve to be in your life.

NEVER let anyone bring you down. You are awesome (even tho i don't know you...but i'm sure you are)
- paraphrasing from Eleanor Roosevelt. :P

these things/feelings of lost/hopelessness/sadness are all temporary.

Life is way too short.
WAyyyyyyy to short.

so enjoy life and have fun.


- anon1980

Jester said...

Thanks people, you guys are awesome. =)