Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Story

She was adventurous, he was adventurous.
When they were at the beach, it was the wrong season of the year, she wasn’t feeling adventurous, and just planning to stroll down the beach and see the sun set before the rain comes.
He was being a boy, a rascal, persuading her to do parasailing together…
The girl was being stubborn, and the guy was pushing her limits…
“Really, it would be fun, parasailing only, I thought you are always up for adventure?!”
“No I don’t feel like doing it like now at this moment, I really don’t have the mood…”
“Come let’s try, really, just come!!”
“I don’t want really… I really don’t feel like it…”
The conversation was merely the same outcome, he won’t give up asking her to try parasailing, and she won’t let it in by rejecting him… At one point, she was pissed and angry…
“I said I don’t want, means I don’t want lah! I really don’t want!!! Stop asking me to try, I don’t want!!!...”
Almost at her top of her voice, he too at his top of his voice but with that cheeky face said it with a really fast pace…
“Ok so either parasailing or you marry me!”
“I will rather marry you!” – Without really knowing what she had just said…?
He was laughing and asking “So you rather marry me over parasailing?”
She pinched him on his arms, and started laughing but insisted that she won’t do para sailing.

This story somehow made me cried.


Anonymous said...

The past is the past. Look forward ahead. :)

Huai Bin said...

It is a very touching one. Take care Jestina. *hugs