Friday, February 18, 2011

18th February 2011

Yesterday was the last day of CNY, never really attended any of the chap goh meh activities, throwing oranges for me is such a waste, I guess I would very much set up a mini stall selling those oranges after people throwing them. =D

For me, I went to a place, nowhere near the sea, it was a view you can see the highways and buildings, when you close your eyes and listen, you hear cars cutting through the busy streets, a different kind of calmness you get when the breeze were blowing against your face.

I looked upon the sky, the moon was bright, only very few shining stars, and I saw this plane, makes me wonder passengers on board, where are you going?

Everyone is going to a same place, sitting on a same plane, but different purposes, some for travel, some for work, some for any other reasons.

Same as life, pretty sure everyone wants to be happy, we're living on a very same planet, but different things define happiness for different individuals.

What's your definition of happiness? =)

Good morning peeps, time for me to get ready for a 2 days conference up at a hill!

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Tekkaus said...

My definition of happiness? Being with my family and loved ones all the time. :) Nothing is more important than family. Not even work.