Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy CNY

Ya I know, it's almost ending already but heck it's never too late!
This year is kinda quiet for me, not much of a visiting but impromptu visit to one of the highlands. 

I used to remember how ambitious I was in collecting ang paus, as if I set KPIs for it, but now, no more, but I do enjoy the time spent with my family, the older you grow, the more you will understand the importance and tend to appreciate it more, I am sure my brother felt the same too...

This year, let's make sure it's going to be awesome!
Happy CNY peeps.

The Goon Family

Not forgetting him too...


Elise said...

Happy CNY booboo! <3 Don't so emo le. I read your blog I also emo T.T

Bryan Hoo said...

yeah this year is awesome because you meet Bryan Hoo! aka penyiram! =)