Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crowded Cinemas

Wow wow, starting from 24th of May, I guess you will be so horrified by the crowd of people purchasing tickets for this movie, gosh! Parkings are limited, ilegal parkings are overload, the crowd is somehow too big, wooh , it's like you can't breath the thin air!! *Gasping for air* =O

But after this blockbuster, there are more to come!
*Resident Evil: Extinction

*Shrek 3: The Third


*Alon9 ( Well it's a thai horror movie,The Shutter's director)
*Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
*Die Hard 4!!

Alright talking about Shrek 3, went to Mc.D with him, guess what he got back for me? Lol blardy shrek! Jeez what I noticed at first was the people working at Mc.D were wearing green little shrek ears muahauahauha! The packing and the drinks all are in total green! Don't get what I meant? Go visit Mc.D one of these days haha, you will find that like you are in a swamp place where shrek used to hang out =D.
But anyhow,thanks baby for the shrek, love it so much, plus it can talk and er.. Burp? =D Freaking hillarious!


*~Catherine~* said...

yea i saw all the greeny stuffs at jusco mcd last thurs when i wanna ta pao mcd back home.yucks those greeny ice-cream is so dangerous coz too much chemicals liao...dun dare to consume oso..haha...wanna watch pirates n shrek 3 leh...

Joel de BB said...

Fullhouse all the round...sod*sob* wanted to watch johhny deep and chow yun fatt....wanted to hear chow yun fatt say: " well come to singapore!"

Jester Da Great said...

Mauhauaha Everywhere is green currently! Yea the colourings might be dangerous, but once in a while I guess it's ok, just to join the crowd haha.. Lol Chin Lay, I want to hear him say that too! "Welcome to Singapore", =D.. I guess I'll wait till next week only watch, if not it will be like watching in a sardin can =D

Anonymous said...

POTC was superb!!..nvr regret after watching it.=D Listen to wat the HK star Chow Yun Fatt ( Chinese Pirate Sao Feng) said: "Welcome to Singapore"..the ascent is different from odinary.
Faster2 go watch kay, don miss it.=D

Fr. KiNgSter