Monday, May 21, 2007


Aww damn..!!
Bloody bodyshop is having those crazy sales again! And guess what, they came out a new and limited edition perfume named "White Musk Too",but well, after sniffing it haha, I guess I will stick on to my all time favourite "White Musk", I bought the body lotion, the smell made me remind of my old schooling days during the secondary days, where I used to carry this smell in school haha.. Those were the good old days where we used to laugh through the whole day, remember those days Mady, Esther and Han Seng? Really miss you guys, you guys are really friends for life!

Well you might not remember someone's name or their outlook, one thing you will always regconized and remember is the smell..
Cheers people! Have a great week!

The Collection of White Musk

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