Friday, October 05, 2007

Breast Cancer

To all the girls,

Walked by pass a champagne the other day in college, it's all about breast cancer and how to fight it, I guess we should all be aware of it and it's danger, you won't wanna have half your breast cut off when you are in your 30s right? So I browse through the net and found some info for how do you know you are actually affected by this nightmare...

Changes that could be due to a breast cancer are
* A lump or thickening in an area of the breast
* A change in the size or shape of a breast
* Dimpling of the skin
* A change in the shape of your nipple, particularly if it turns in, sinks into the breast or becomes irregular in shape
* A blood-stained discharge from the nipple
* A rash on a nipple or surrounding area
* A swelling or lump in your armpit

Well a change in the size or shape of the breast, mm... I guess it's pretty normal to us girls, but if you are also facing the other symptoms, please please go to the doctor and do a check up ok? I will arrange a check up as well, just to put my mind in rest, anyone interested lol?

P.S= This is not only for girls, guys can get breast cancer in any chance too ok? But I guess it wont be the change in size or shape, if yes, u definitely have to consult a doctor, there is definitely something wrong hahahah!


-hopefully- said...

oo boobs cancer, seems scary~~~
gotta check sin~brb~~~

Shiro said...

Um.. do you mean campaign and not champagne?

haushen said...

Haha...I'm currently work in an organization call PRIDE Foundation (Pink Ribbon Deeds)which create awareness about breast cancer. So you guys can ask me if anything regard to breast cancer. The most important way to prevent breast cancer is to have healthy lifestyle.