Saturday, October 03, 2009

Falling down... Falling down...

There is this morning, where I was listening to the radio, the DJs were talking about embarrassing moments in life, even some incidents where you will recall and have a good laugh about it.

Not to be mean, but I am someone who fails to control from laughing, especially at those moments where you shouldn't be laughing, being more specific, if I ever witness someone falling down in front of me, that's it, I will have to turn around and release the moment of laughter ( I know I'm bad, I should have help the person who fell down, but how? I can't be going up and laugh while lending a helping hand, such contradicting awkward moment)

Not to mention, I actually DO laugh at my own falls.
Not too long ago, I was talking to someone, where this topic we were discussing were falling down, awkward moments, then I told him " Oh you know, I actually fell down in the drain before..."
He said "Haha me too, I guess everyone juts have to be in the drain once in their life time, it usually happen when you are young, how old were you when that happen? Like 4 or 5 years old?"
Being a bit reluctant, I said " Erm well, it actually happened like 2 years ago..."


OK this was what happened! Let's go back to that faithful night when things happened and left a mark on my thigh.

I was out with my ex for dinner, my brother came home at the same time when we both parked our car, everyone got off the car, brother mingle with my ex, and I grabbed my stuff and head to the stairs.

Here's the situation:
I always cross this deep drain in front of my house before I get to the stairs right up to my apartment, and it never fails, 100% success.
As the saying goes, if you believe in murphy's law, anything that can happen, will happen.

Broke the Jestina's record, instead of stepping to the other end of the drain, I stepped into the air...
The next second, I;m actually sitting in the drain, and both my brother and ex thought I went missing, until I start laughing while sitting in the drain.
"What the hell? What happen to you! Come up!" When my brother tried pulling me up...
"Gor no no, cannot, leg pain, let me sit here for a while 1st!" and erm, I continue laughing, I am actually laughing how funny if I were to see someone fell into the drain, I think I will laugh till I tear.

So practically a lot of my college mate knew I fell into the drain at the age of 22, some kaypo college mate being the KNN news caster. >.< Here are more falling down incidents:
I think I will need a longer time to recover from laughing if I were one of the anchor. I showed this clip to some of my friends, and they were like LOL WTH! CHICKEN FEET TREMBLING! WAHAHAHAHA!

Also the nuffies all time favourite, especially for Boss Stewie's and Kuzco's

There is another incident I wanted to share, but I think I need to draw some visuals to show the effect, it's call the 90 degrees fall, don't understand? I will explain in the next post!

Will end this post with a phrase from a friend who fell down right in front of me while we were walking back from the canteen during Form 6.
"Waaa shit.............. Was I very ugly when I fell down just now????!!!!"
As usual controlling my laughter, " Erm, have you seem anyone gracefully fell down before?"

The answer is NO. The fact that when your body lose control and fell down, it's just funny, sorry people!!


siawkia said...

I wonder why the videos dint make me laugh. But the KNN, LOL!

It's good that you still can laugh when you're in the bad situation. ^^

kingster said...

fall in the drain still you can laugh..wahahahaha beh tahan. Lucky ur hse's drain is not deep enough, if not..

KY said...

hahahah I wouldn't have been able to not laugh either. LOL

Jester is my nick said...

Hoi you guys are laughing over people's tragedy, how can!

Anonymous said...

take care....