Friday, October 22, 2010

Back To School

Remember the days when we carry heavy school bags, wait for the school bus, and wear the same thing everyday, that was not so fun, until I studied in my uni, and I think it was more fun for those who actually gotten the chance to study overseas - Thats what I wanted to do but well I don't have the chance back then. =)

I always wanted to go back to my previous uni to visit my lecturers, but yes I just didn't have the time yet.
But one thing is that, no matter how long you have been working already, once you step foot in a college without the formal attire, naturally you will feel like a student again, do you? 

Well I was at Taylor's Lakeside for G+ meeting and Churpchurp fly kite day! The first thing that came across my mind when I stepped in the college - "Omg you young brats are just damn lucky right? Whoever who is studying there now, you are enjoying every moment  man!"

Lecture hall was seriously huge and all equipment was just talking about technology, like seriously...
It makes me really wanna go back to uni and study again.
If you don't like looking at your lecturer, you can shift your sight to the beautiful lake right behind the piece of solid glass, nice? It is...
Students wannabe

And after class, we went fly kite with the blue round bird!

This is my first time flying a real kite, I remember I used to DIY my own kite, like just tying a string to a pink plastic bag and it will just fly, those were the days when I was only a primary student, and now kids get to have kites that some cost you more than RM50, lucky lucky lucky...

Number 1 thing is to have a nice proper kite that will never let you down.
Number 2 thing of course with a big compound for you to run and make the kite touch the sky

Should go fly kite again someday although it was tiring, oh you know what, at Taylor's Lakeside, you have Starbucks and Baskin Robbins, really seriously you lucky student!!!

 Next I was thinking I should go visit FRIM Kepong. =)


KY said...

sometimes i kinda wish i still work at taylors!

Jester said...

KY hahaha, part time?! =)

Tekkaus said...

Only rich brats study there. Ha :D So a lot of people turn up at the G+ meeting?

dogbone said...

hahah, let's go visit frim @ kepong. i know a shortcut to go there from your office! :P

Jester said...

Tekkaus : Hahaa yea man, damn rich lah those brats now

DogBone : Haha okay!