Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Have you had your Oktoberfest?

Friday nights are not meant to end early, because Fridays are meant to be a celebration of a new beginning of a weekend!

What do I usually do when it comes to Friday night? Well back to my boring days, I will just skip every single  after work activities and go home, but after much realizing about life, I should do things more than just going home and sleep, and one of the things that I did with my fellow colleagues was having some chill time at the Oktoberfest last week Friday, yea you hear me right, it was at Souled Out, some of you might be there but well we just didn’t see each other.

And talking about the crowd? It was crazy!

Seriously if you are a beer person, you won’t want to miss the 1 liter mug with Tiger beer in it, and yea I love beer that leaves a layer of white mustache on your upper lips, and hell no kidding, the mug is just one really collectable item you can show your grandson how was the Oktoberfest back then, means the mug is freaking solid and you can use it as a weapon of defense.
Now you see, the mug on the right looks like a beer float, try it with ice cream next time, and I will be the 1st one to gulp everything. =D (And go home like a human size walking tomato)

The last time I tried gulping everything in one shot (Don’t do that although it is only RM50 per 1 liter of Tiger beer, and yes you get to keep the mug, but still..), I ended up spending most of my time in the washroom trying to get the devil out of me, so lesson learnt: Beer is for drinking, can be faster than sipping red wine, but not gulping everything at one shot, that’s call wastage, or for people like me, we call it the suicide case.

That is one HUGE mug and yes Huai Bin here you go, if I were to finish just half the mug, I guess I will be way redder than him.

Nothing beats spending some quality time with the Nuffies, and here is one of my favourite shot with Yuen –She is almost single and available, for more information you can send in your CV and let’s see if she gives you a green stamp.
(We call her Ah Chan, I don’t know why but well, everyone does have nicknames, what was yours?)

Also here are some of the nuffies who were there that night.
I wasn’t working but just turning on my laptop to charge my phone, just to clarify, I am not so much of a workaholic, am I? (Michelle, Pinky, and Nic Gan)

Wikipedia told me that Oktoberfest is known to have the largest crowd in the world, let’s make it happen in Malaysia!

Enjoyed most of the happenings there, the company, the food, the copious amounts of Tiger beer, and of course, you can’t miss a chicken dance from an Oktoberfest!

The tune is still kinda stuck in my head, till then; let’s go for the next Oktoberfest! =) 
If you don't know much about Oktoberfest, time to do some research before you head to one! 


Tekkaus said...

Hehe :D I don't drink. Anyway hope all you are enjoying it. :)

Huai Bin said...

I love that photo. I <3 Jestina. =D

Chan said...
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Chan said...
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Tekkaus said...

Jes, it is official: Our new Proton Waja 2 Lancer is called Proton Inspira (unless if the flyer is fake). :) http://www.tekkaus.com/2010/10/proton-inspira-new-proton-waja-lancer.html

buy one and drive to the office.

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Jester said...

Hahaha thanks for the reco Tekkaus

Hey Huai Bin... =)

Thanks for dropping by Anonymous