Sunday, October 31, 2010

You My Friend

Met up with an old friend on Friday night, it was good to see him again, but knowing him that long, he must have a lot of things that he wanted to share, it was an unhappy experience for him.

To You :
When things happen, there will be a majority of  people spreading rumours and start to judge on the situation, be it the fact that these people might not even know you, they are just simply listening and judging from a third party, do accept the fact that message being passed through so many channels, it somehow will be different from what the real situation was.

This world is just like that, human beings are just like that, some don't even bother asking and just accept what others say, so what you going to do about it? Go to all these people one by one and explain to them? No, you don't need to do that, and simply just let it be, soon or later when some other things caught their attention, they will forget what was yours.

I am sorry for what she had done to you, and I know a moment of anger can create so much trouble, but then again, it's okay to have mistakes, but to never repeat them again, if we don't have any mistakes in life, we will never know what's right or wrong, mistakes is part of chapters in our life, and if life is just perfect, what is the meaning of perfect at the end of the day?

Yes she could be the one masking it and telling everyone a different story, which is unfair to you, but then again, you have to remember when someone finds out one day the truth is not what she was telling, she will going to have her own judgement day, but let's not nail that image in head and hoping it to happen, life goes on, and these are just possibly the 1%  of your 100% life, so why let the small number affect the big number you should be taking care of?

Come on now, someone else is definitely worth more your effort for all this, and no matter what, people who loves you and knows you well, they will always come back to you and ask for the truth and not being judgmental, even if you were wrong and it was really a mistake, I am sure it doesn't affect them to accept the truth and accept who you are.

You are an engineer, you should be good in numbers, let me put it this way :
Estimating we have 6,878,400,000 human beings on earth, and you might only have 5 real friends for life, the math should be like this for your pie chart in life.

1% = 6,878,399,995
99% = 5 

You got us to support you, in any ways. =)

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it 
does enlarge the future.
Paul Boese.


Tekkaus said...

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We can't please and control everyone. That is why we should live for ourselves. :D

TikkoSS said...

Hi Jestina.. Many thanks for visiting my post.. btw, you have very nice write-up in ur blogs too.

U can add me in fb.. proly we can chat more in there :P

Jester said...

Tekkaus : Yes you are right, please yourself before you start pleasing someone else hahaha

Tikkoss : Hello Danny! Thanks for dropping by my blog too hahaha, yes added you already! :)

TikkoSS said...

wow..sound so 'chim' (deep) .. u know guys dont think right?