Friday, October 29, 2010

Life's A Movie

Looking at someone else, is like watching a movie, movie of his/her life.
We are all actors in our own life, I don't quite agree if we are also the director of our life, if we are, we should have known what is going to happen next, with full script and storyline in hand, all prepared.

Sometimes when you focus too much on the details, you don't see what is happening on the outside.
Step back a few steps, and look into the big picture with many other details, things can be easier.

When you are watching other people's movie, do you know you are being watch too?

I miss the days where you can just be anyone you want.


Tekkaus said...

I can still be anyone that I want. :D Why? You can't anymore?

Jester said...

Aww dang you lucky fella hahaha!