Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nick Vujicic

There are times in life, you will have tough moments, moments that made your negative thoughts gone wild, and lead to giving up and do nothing.

When you fall, some tried standing up, and gave up. Well some don't even try and certified their lost to the fall. But some, they never give up in standing back up.
So which one do you think you are? Or which one do you think you wanna be?

I remembered when I was having lunch at Shanghai 10 with the nuffies, Nic showed me an email, which is quite true to read, it's asking how will you want to do when you face problems.

I've seen people, with all the things they needed from the physical, but I guess, we are just not well equip with the inside spirit, the courage, to do wonders, to go extra mile for themselves. On the other hand, there are some people out there, might not have the complete set of physical outlook, but the courage and fighting spirit can be so much more stronger than us.

Here a video clip of Nick Vujicic, a man with no arms and legs, he is basically only a square with his head. If you were one of Nick Vujicic case, imagine what things can you do, without your arms and legs. Probably thinking you can't even eat, drink, dressed up, bath, walk,or even giving a hug, all the basic things that we are doing now, that we never realize that there are people out there can't even do such basic act, and shame on us whining about how much we wanted to give up, and they are the ones showing us giving up is not going to help...
I appreciate people like this, and they are the people that gives me the inspiration, when I fall and needed strength to stand up again.

Please watch the clip, you will find really good inspiration for life.

Cheers people, and finish it strong!


Elaynne said...

Jester my love!

This provesss a very good point. We must never never take things for granted!

Like how I'll nv take you for granted :)

Han Seng said...


§pinzer said...

that's great. always strive to achieve!

Richard Ling said...

finish STRONG!


Jester is my nick said...

Good story for inspiration eh!!!