Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiger Party

I have to say, by far this is the most happening and fun party I've ever attended, you got to enjoy both atmosphere and the people there.
Here are some of the pictures I finally got to collect and post it up here!

All the way from British! The 40 year old virgin!!! Susan Boyle!

David... The 2 face that I painted.

My darling hehehe...

The Nuffie girls!!

The group picture, I like this picture a lot

The winner who walked away with a pink Coach bag and Susan Boyle

The random captured shots

The girls and the terrorist!

Joseph the Malaysian Scissorshand, also the winner who walks away with XBox!

The crowd

Santa Nic


The lucky terrorist

The Malaysian Chris Bond

Yes I was being chased by the Spartans AKA Ah Long lah!


Irenelim said...

You all look great and gorgeous! Was that a beggar in the last pic... hahahaha lol.

Jester is my nick said...

Irene were you there??
Hahaha yes the beggar, one of the standout idea for the party, lol!

§pinzer said...

yes you look great and gorgeous 'baby' :D