Sunday, June 07, 2009

Holidays Update!

It was great to have weekend getaways!
Redang was really nice, I miss the beach there, where you just don't feel like you are in Malaysia.

The water is so freaking clear that you can see the bottom and the fishes swimming, this is what I call Paradise!

Yes you can see alphabets don't you?! But well it's the failure version of YMCA, I know it's my fault lah!!

Nope, no idea why is there a foot gathering

The erm... I don't know! I'm just tumpang in the scene only!

Yea the dunno what the hell is this scene all about punya shot!

The spotted turtle by the anak laut

It's damn heavy to get it up, plus it was struggling real hard for life

But well, it failed and ended up on the boat, after all the patting and photo shooting, he was release back to the ocean. I'm sure he was cursing us " Freaking humans!"

The Ding Dong Diang

The gangsta on the beach! You don't mess with us!

Ah I just love the beach! I'm such a beach person!

Noticed my arms and legs are so red,evening was awesome

I like this picture, the symbol...

Yes typical Chinese lah! Go where gamble until where! The big cards doesn't stop the addiction!

Cho Dai Di punya kaki, if you can't find any for Cho Dai Di, remember their faces ok?
They are on anytime one, hehehehe!

The fella behind is always stealing scenes! Hello you mind?!

Can I stay on the island forever pls?

I was really practicing the drawing on the sand, hmmm kinda artistic right? Please say yes, i need compliments for this masterpiece!

The Malaysia version of Davinci Code, where you don't know what the hell does this mean...

Seriously, it was quite a nice trip, but despite I've been here years ago, this time was abit disappointing, maybe it's becoming more commercialize, it's more polluted already, and well, the corals and fishes, are soon to be gone, pretty sad uh...
So for those who haven't step foot on this pretty islands, it's worth going, and only if you are a beach person, well who is not right?!


Anonymous said...

Nice holiday trip, so enjoying.
Next checkpoint make it to Pulau Perhentian..haha


Jester is my nick said...

Hahaha dreamer, yea it was indeed a fun one!
Pulau Perhentian? Ah I've been there once, maybe should really try Lang Tengah, woohooo!

Anonymous said...

Anywhere whereby got beaches & sunset..woooo!!!! Live your life to the fullest!


m.a.D.y said...


what do you mean chor dai dee kaki -.-

Jester is my nick said...

Hahaha dreamer, weekend get aways is just so awesome, and yea really wish I'm just living near the beach, how great is that!

Woops Mady...

KrisKan said...

Must be a real fun trip. want to point out something though. The turtle caught might not only be cursing us humans, it probably wouldn't be returning back to make its nest here due to the danger of being caught again (this is informed by a biologist student. I don't know how true it is, but it is still cruel to put the turtle through such kind of ordeal)

Pls help to stop such actions by encouraging tourists to just observe the turtles from afar and refuse the local boat people to catch the turtle just for the sake of touching it.