Sunday, June 07, 2009

Food Paradise

Was at Malacca for a weekend get away, love the food there, yes it was a makan trip, I just love Malacca, a historical and pretty place.
Here are some shots I took when we set our feet in one of the chill out place at Jonker Street, was there 3 years ago, down to Malacca for business trip, and my colleague took me here, and yea I'm back again, nothing seems to change, and I love the atmosphere here...

Malacca Geographer

One day, I wish I can just step foot in beautiful places, but my target is to go around Malaysia 1st, especially the East part of Malaysia!
Join me maybe?
Or there is any suggestions where can I go more?


Elaynne said...

Hey GAL!!!!!!

Once you update, you really DO update.. hahaha I'm looking forward to all your updatessss... must stay tune for our pics!! I wanna update about the tiger party... MUST FIND TIME!!!!

*Muaksssss muaksssss*

Kevin Chan said...

Hey I was in Malacca last week! (:

Jest said...

Hahahaha oops Elaynne, you caught me doing some massive updates huh!
Tiger party update!!
I wanna get the pictures but
I forgot who I took pictures wit already!

Kevin,maybe we walked pass each other so many times but just couldn't recognized, let's go Malacca again wooohooo!!!

Huai Bin said...

Melacca! I'm planning a makan trip there too. :)

Hmm...places to go on the East Coast...Penang, Redang (which you went dy), Langkawi. :)

Kevin Chan said...

Sure, anytime you're free lah!

Jester is my nick said...

Huai Bin you planning a makan trip?!
Let's eat till we fall man!
Langkawi is quite a good place to go, I heard good compliments about that, when is it?!

Jester is my nick said...

Kevin you say one ar?
Don't ffk :P

Anonymous said...

Malacca is awesome! I've been to that restaurant but then no more chendol :(

My Malacca Trip

ven said...

i nearly killed my friends by food a few years back when they came visiting Malacca =)

Jester is my nick said...

Hahaha Waye, I think you have to like go on weekdays, the atmosphere is so different compared to weekends when the Jonker street is open.

Ven... No worries, I almost killed myself with the food there, and I totally got what you meant!